About Us

Who Are We?

American Leaf Supply, LLC is a Kentucky-based company focused on delivering quality and economical tobacco alternatives. Our aim is to offer an alternative to customers who are looking for a different option than tobacco, while still allowing the same ritualistic hand-to-mouth experience that they have had with cigarettes, but without the harmful chemicals of tobacco.

How long have we been in business?

We developed our first herbal blends in 2008 and started building a business around them in 2009. Through trial & error on many blends that didn’t hit the mark, we have now perfected our most premium blends. As with most products, customers have many different preferences on taste, so we are continually working to develop new blends, flavors and styles to meet those desires. We work very hard to give our customers the quality smoking experience they appreciate.

Why We Do What We Do.

We all know someone who has greatly suffered from extended use of tobacco products. Millions of people around the world wish healthiness and safety for their loved ones, and that is why we have put together options — alternatives for tobacco users.  


While the elimination of nicotine does not mean a totally safe product, we strive to offer consumers a choice, that they may not have previously had. We want to be the global leader that delivers quality and economical herbal alternatives to mainstream consumers. CHOICE!!!