Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your products made?

Proudly supporting American farmers and American manufacturing. Southern Tipps and Rockfield are all MADE IN USA.

Is there tobacco in Southern Tipps or Rockfield products?"

No!! There is no tobacco used in any of the products. PREMIUM TOBACCO-FREE BLENDS

What are the herbal ingredients?

Southern Tipps and Rockfield are all made using proprietary blends of leafy vegetable leaves flavored with FDA approved flavors.

What's the difference between Southern Tipps and Rockfield? "

Both brands are created using different processes and/or using different blends and/or using different flavors. Since there are many tastes and preferences among consumers, we have created multiple products with different tastes, aromas, and experiences.

What size are the products?

Southern Tipps is a King size.

Rockfield is a 100's size.

What color are the products?


Red: Cork tipping paper

Gold: White tipping paper

Menthol: Cork tipping paper

Menthol Gold: White tipping paper.

Who produces Southern Tipps products?

American Leaf Supply, LLC is a Kentucky-based company focused on delivering quality and economical tobacco alternatives. Southern Tipps are produced in the USA following Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) in registered facilities.

From where do your products ship?

Currently, everything ships from Kentucky.

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