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Southern Tipps

Southern Tipps CigaShroom - 10 Pack of Pre-Rolls

Southern Tipps CigaShroom - 10 Pack of Pre-Rolls

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CigaShroom - Unveil the Mystical

Unearth Mystical Realms: Embark on a captivating journey with Southern Tipps’ CigaShroom, crafted from an exotic blend of mushroom extractions. Unlike anything conventional, this innovative smokeable combines Amanita, Lion’s Mane, and Cordyceps, offering a gateway to psychedelic, hallucinogenic, and euphoric experiences—without containing Psilocybin or hemp.

Intriguing Transformation: Through the natural process of decarboxylation, the Amanita mushroom transforms into Muscimol, which effectively binds to GABA receptors in the brain. This interaction may require several sessions to coat the receptors adequately, unveiling the full potential of its effects. With what is known as a “Reverse Tolerance,” the true depth of the experience can unfold over time, often accelerating with each use.

Understanding Reverse Tolerance: Unique to Amanita, reverse tolerance implies that the effects of CigaShroom might become more profound with repeated use. Initially, it may take a few microdoses—potentially over a week or two—before experiencing the optimal effects. This gradual buildup allows your body to acclimate to Muscimol, enhancing the binding efficiency with GABA receptors and deepening the psychedelic experience over time.

Tailored Discovery: Ideal for those exploring the edges of perception, CigaShroom introduces you to a less traversed path. The journey begins swiftly as inhalation is the fastest route to the receptors, with possible effects appearing within 5-30 minutes of your first session.

Responsibly Produced: Made in the USA and completely legal under federal laws, CigaShroom is third-party tested to guarantee the highest quality. Note that while this product is designed for adult use, it does not contain psilocybin, focusing instead on other powerful, legal mushroom extracts.

Safety and Legality Advised: Begin with a minimal dose to understand your response before increasing consumption. We recommend consulting with a healthcare provider and conducting your own research. Remember, do not drive or operate machinery after use.

Experience the Enigma: With CigaShroom, you’re not just trying a new product; you’re exploring a new realm of possibilities. Are you ready to uncover the mystical effects hidden within these ancient fungi?

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  • Same Feel, New Experience

    Through years of testing, proprietary processing and advanced manufacturing techniques, Southern Tipps offers users an enjoyable but familiar taste, feel and aroma, making Southern Tipps the perfect tobacco alternative.

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