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Southern Tipps

Southern Tipps THCigarettes - 10 Pack of Pre-Rolls

Southern Tipps THCigarettes - 10 Pack of Pre-Rolls

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THCigarettes - Beyond the Leaf

Innovative Blend, Pure Experience: Step into the extraordinary with Southern Tipps’ THCigarettes, where innovation meets tradition in a groundbreaking format. Our smokeable blend doesn't contain actual hemp leaf but is revolutionized by a THCa extract derived from premium hemp flowers, designed for those who dare to explore new heights.

Transformative Essence: Through the process of decarboxylation, THCa is transformed into Delta-9 THC when heated, offering a gateway to psychedelic, hallucinogenic, and euphoric experiences. The effects can start unfolding within 5-30 minutes after consumption, varying from one individual to another. Each session is a unique journey, with potential effects intensifying upon repeated use.

Tailored for Exploration: Suitable for both the curious newcomers and the experienced adventurers, THCigarettes are your ticket to a journey of discovery. While some may feel the effects from their first encounter, others might find the adventure deepens with persistence.

Responsibly Crafted: Manufactured in the USA and compliant with federal legality for <0.3% THC content, our THCigarettes are rigorously third-party tested to ensure top quality. Note that these do not include any hemp leaf material—only the pure, potent potential of hemp-derived THCa.

Safety and Legality Advised: Always start with a small dose and wait to see the effects before consuming more. Consult your medical professional, do your own research, and remember not to drive or operate machinery after use.

Embark on the Unseen Journey: With Southern Tipps THCigarettes, go beyond the traditional hemp leaf to explore potent, transformative experiences. Ready to explore what lies beyond the leaf?

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  • Same Feel, New Experience

    Through years of testing, proprietary processing and advanced manufacturing techniques, Southern Tipps offers users an enjoyable but familiar taste, feel and aroma, making Southern Tipps the perfect tobacco alternative.

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